Lilian Milo Art

Here you can find Lilian Milo art, collection of NFTs paintings. The logical organization and function of the structural elements refer to the study of the relations of the structure of the composition, of the sometimes harmonious and sometimes conflicting formations with the aim of creating a new state of image dominated by the arrangement, clarity, and economy of the media. The rigor in the structure of the composition, the method of coexistence and creation of the relations of the structural elements, and the rules of equilibrium and economy, are these occasional elements, different, proportional to the applied discipline, the combination of which gives the stylistic identity of her work.

Qualitative relations of the plastic elements top the projection of the subject with semantic coexistences, calculated relation of component colors, geometric structure of the subject, and positioning of the shapes as separators and regulators of equilibrium. The artist selects visual elements which in their fullness are shaped into a living organization of shapes, composition, shade, quality, construction so that each section finds its final relationship with the others.

Her work is dominated by a logical organization, a suspicion of a naturalistic mood that strongly reflects the opposition but also the coexistence of these two efforts in creating an expression of a visible aesthetic result but also an imperative appeal to emotion. They are two realities that collide and yield results, sometimes confused, sometimes contradictory, but art in the end may want to express in addition to the artist himself, the world itself, and a collective situation that surrounds and includes everyone! Enjoy Lilian Milo NFTs paintings, digital art, sponsored by concierge Mykonos Club.